How do I edit my App Details? Name and Web App URL

In this article, we'll guide you through changing your app's name, which can be tricky when trying to align it with your niche and offerings to the audience.

Changing the App Name and URL 

  • From your App, Web App, or App, go to your Admin View.
  • From My App, go to Settings.

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  • Update the App Name when needed; if the name is available, you will get the option to save it. 
  • Update your Web App URL if needed. 
  • You can open your Web App directly from here.

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Important Note: Adding the name here does not automatically reserve them from Apple and Google. If you would like to change your app name on Stores, you will need to re-submit your app again.

Changing the App Logo and Web App Favicon

Uploading your logo from here affects the Web App Favicon. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Can I remove from my Web App URL?
Since your Web App is created within a subdomain, it will always be But you can use Domain Forwarding if you already have your domain (e.g Check with your domain provider how you can set up Domain Forwarding.