How to get more leads and clients, not just more followers

From the Community Corner (Shared by Vegard Karlsson)


Hello fellow PassionFighters! 

Just like you, I've been grinding this content game and chasing big numbers. I've been seeking followers, likes, and views... all the metrics that govern social media! Don't get me wrong, I got that too. I have several videos with tens of thousands of views and almost 20k followers at this point.

The issue is that I'm a business owner and not a content creator. I want leads and clients more than I want likes and followers.

The content I’d been pushing out wasn’t converting at all and this was quite frustrating. I was doing the "Here are 3 tips to..." framework like everyone else suggested. But that only filled my audience with people expecting freebies. 

If I’m being honest, a majority probably just saved the video and continued scrolling. I needed to change my strategy. I was tired of spending hours upon hours coming up with content ideas, editing videos, and posting it – without it turning into anything!

The videos I post now are conversion-focused. This means that even if I get 1000 views, I might book 2-3 calls from that one video alone.

This only happened after I switched my content focus from sharing tips and tricks, to talking about SYMPTOMS. For example: If someone is overweight and struggling with this, they most likely know that they are overweight. So, telling them how to lose weight will not resonate with them strongly. They might save your content, but will likely never act on it.

On the flip side, if you address the symptoms around why they can't lose that weight, you're more likely to strike a nerve and inspire an emotional response in them. Maybe they have an unhealthy relationship with food. Maybe they have gym anxiety…Whatever the symptoms are – that's what you have to talk about in your content.

I’d like to share another example using my own content. The two videos below address the same issue i.e. not knowing how to get new clients. 

The difference between the two is one talks about the problem, whereas the other one addresses the symptoms. ⁣



Vegard Karlsson Video 1 

Vegard Karlsson Video 2


In the first video (on the left), I addressed the symptoms of not being able to sign clients - not knowing how to draw their attention towards your content and not knowing how to properly nurture their attention once you have it. ⁣This video got only a few hundred views. But it still brought me 2-3 leads ⁣

The second video also addresses the problem of not getting clients as a result of not being able to create enough content. Although this "tips & tricks" video got over 16k views, it didn't bring me any leads. ⁣

I hope you find this helpful! 🙂


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