How do I reset the password for my clients?

Do your clients need help with their passwords and logging in? In this article, you will learn how to reset your clients' passwords.

  • From inside your App, Web App, or App, go to your Admin View.
  • Go to Users.


  • Search for your client's email and tap on it. 

users (2)

  • From the three dots, choose Reset password. 

Group 12 (2)

  • Paste it securely in your communication with your client. 

Group 13 (1)

The auto-generated password is automatically copied so you can paste it into an email, WhatsApp message, or Facebook message. 

Only a creator, the " account owner," can reset the password for their clients and end-users. 

Don't worry if you press on reset password multiple times; the one you paste will be the last one you copied. 

Please ensure you don't reset the password again after sending what you copied to your client.