How to organically capture a prospect’s contact information

From the Community Corner (Shared by Robert Mitchell)


Hello PassionFighters! 


Many of you have asked how to organically capture a prospect's contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers. And also what strategies are effective for driving said prospects to your PassionApp, Facebook group, landing page or even getting them to book an appointment on your schedule.




One of the best strategies you can employ is to utilize “attraction marketing”, sometimes called “pull marketing”.


An example of this would be to post within a Facebook group that serves your audience, but offers a non-competing product (You’re welcome to join my Facebook Group as an example. It will help you see how to leverage a group to engage an audience and capture new clients)


The simplest way to do this is to create a text post with a colored background (short and simple works best). Within the text, you would create interest/curiosity for your free lead magnet, by posting something akin to…


“Want my free XYZ to increase/overcome XYZ without XYZ? I’m giving it away for free…Want access? Comment ‘YES!’ and I’ll send it your way.”

Here’s an example of one of my posts – 




Once a person comments, you will then send them a friend request. Once they accept the request, you then send them a DM. Waiting until they accept your friend request is important as it reduces your chances of getting flagged as a spammer.


Once you’re in their DMs, say hello and share the link to your free lead magnet, making sure you remind them that they requested it. 

Pro Tip: Sometimes Facebook is weird about links. If that’s the case, within the url use “(dot)com” instead of “.com” so the system doesn’t flag it.


Once you share the link, be sure to use this as an opportunity to engage, build rapport, and ask if they wouldn’t mind you asking them a few questions. You can do this right away or circle back 24 hours later and ask them what they thought about your lead magnet. The timing is up to you, but the sooner the better. The key is getting them to respond to you versus you just pasting excessive text copy.


If you have a DM script, which you should, this is your opportunity to use it, progress them forward and if it makes sense, invite them to take the next step in your sales process (For example: book a call, join your group, etc.).


In essence, you are essentially using two strategies in combination to gain a client - 

  1. A Lead Magnet Funnel, and then progressing to 
  2. A Social Funnel (chat conversation)


Here’s a link to one of my lead magnets (I recommend having several to customize for the specific audience): Free Automatic High-Ticket Clients Magnetic Blueprint 


Notice that the link directs to an opt-in page where contact information is collected. Then, you see a thank you page where a second free gift is offered with strong CTA (in this case, it’s join my group, but it could be get my app, book a call, etc.). The free lead magnet is then automatically emailed to them and not provided on the thank you page. This is important as you want to make sure they look for the email to access the free gift. Your main goal is to increase your email audience. Within the email, you can also promote a second action, such as book a call.


There are a few reasons this is effective -  

  1. They reach out to you to request the free lead magnet versus you pushing it to them through a random DM. 
  2. You connect on their request via chat and get the opportunity to build rapport. 
  3. By sharing a link to get the lead magnet, you are collecting their contact information via an opt-in page, so you can add them to your audience and market to them in perpetuity.
  4. Within the lead magnet, you should include a bit of your story and embed an opportunity to book a call directly from the lead magnet. 
  5. The lead magnet is shared by email and is an additional “touch” with the prospect. 
  6. They should have been added automatically to your email marketing nurture campaign where you begin sending additional “touches” via email to engage them with your brand. The first should be sent within 4 hours. 
  7. Your conversion percentage will increase as you are selling to them based on the psychology of customer buying behavior, which states that 7 or more touches are required to build trust and progress from interest to purchase. This is called the “Rule of 7”

There are lots more reasons why this is effective, but this covers the highlights. I hope this helps and keep shining!


PS. Lead magnets can be PDFs, surveys, masterclasses, Trello templates, etc…. The sky’s the limit 🙂