What's the difference between lessons and sequences?

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When adding content to your product, you can either choose to add a lesson or a sequence. 

In this article, we will discuss the difference between the two and give you more information as to when to use them.



1. Lesson

2. Sequence 


What's the difference between lessons and sequences?


1. Lesson

Lessons let you use our full widget library. 


Lessons can be used for:

✔ Lengthy videos (up to 1GB for PRO and no file size limit for ULTIMATE)

✔ Adding text and images

✔ Adding downloadable resources

Live streaming 

✔ Adding Scheduling

✔ Engaging with your members using Typeform 


Wondering how to create a lesson? Check How to add a Lesson to my PassionProduct? 



2. Sequence

Sequences add additional features to your video content. You can use a sequence to loop a video or set a timer in a video (Sequences are really useful if you're a fitness expert).

You can show an exercise image, or playback video (2-5 seconds) to show on the main screen. You can also upload a full instructional video which can be accessed by clicking on the upper right play button.


Sequences are primarily used for the health and fitness category and allow two views:

  1. View all segments of workouts in a list view with descriptions and the ability to view each segment separately.

  2. By clicking Start Now you will start the playlist of all videos in sequence. 

Sequences however are not limited to health and fitness app. Many PassionFighters use the sequence for a variety of topics including music, art, dance, and more!


Wondering how to create a sequence? Check How to add a Sequence to my PassionProduct?






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