How to use PassionMessaging to send push notifications

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In this article you will learn how to set up your PassionMessaging to keep your clients engaged, coming back for more!



1. What is PassionMessaging?

2. How to set it up? 

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to use PassionMessaging to send push notifications


PassionMessaging is only available on branded apps (iOS/Android) so it is not available for your Web App. For feature improvement requests, please post it on Canny.


1. What is PassionMessaging?

PassionMessaging allows you to send Push Notifications to your iOS and Android App users "your customers". You can set up multiple notifications to be sent out at different intervals and target different customer segments "users who did not complete lessons, signed up but not subscribed etc." 

Why is it important?

Beat the algorithm: Reach 100% of your audience, 100% of the time.
Keep your clients engaged: Be the ping in their pocket that keeps them coming back for more.


2. How to set it up?

1. Click on PassionMessaging in the navigation bar, then click on Create New.


2. Enable the notifications by changing the status to ON and fill in the Title the Text section (this is the text that will be sent to your clients)


3. Select the Audience Segment and when the notification will be sent after criteria have been met. 

  • What is Audience Segment?
    The Audience Segment will give you scenarios to help you target different types of audiences:
    - Users who signed up but didn’t subscribe
    - Users which did not complete a lesson for [x] days
    - Users which did not open the app for a [x] days


  • Choose when to send out the notification when the criteria are met:
    - 1 hour
    - 24 hours
    - 2 days
    - 3 days
    - 7 days4.png

If you would like to use a different Audience Segment you can submit your request to improve the PassionMessaging feature on Canny.


4. Then click on Update Notification.


5. You can see a preview of the notifications on the right side of the editing screen.




3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How to send notifications for other things like new content or announce a live session?

At the moment it's not possible to do that as a notification, but you can use Zapier to send your clients email or SMS when things happen inside the app.

Check these articles to learn how to create automation:
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Zapier - Get notified/ notify your clients when they comment in the community

Zapier - Get notified/ notify your clients when they submit habit tracking

Zapier - Get notified/ notify your clients when they complete a lesson





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