How to troubleshoot video uploads

This article will give you information on troubleshooting video uploads and how you can compress your files.




1. File Size and Limitations

2. File Compression

3. Youtube/Vimeo Option

4. Frequently Asked Questions


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1. File Size and Limitations

There is no limit to the video length or how long a video can be. 

However, size and video limitations will depend on your subscription plan:

  • Pro Plan - A maximum of only 100 videos and a file size limit of 1GB per video

  • Ultimate Plans and above - unlimited videos with a size limit of 5GB per video

Don't want to limit your video uploads to 1GB? Upgrade your plan now!


2. File Compression

If your videos are bigger than 1GB or you have issues uploading large file sizes, we recommend using the best compression/quality ratio for the video to be uploaded on your account.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Online Converter

  • HandBrake—This tool is made for more advanced users and offers additional features. It is available for Windows and Mac.

         For both solutions, we recommend these settings:

            a.)Video Output: MP4
            b.)Video Codec: H264
            c.)Resolution/Size: 720P

            Note: For Handbrake, the minimum bitrate is 2mbs

           a.)Upload your video to YouTube
           b.)Wait for conversion
           c.)Download video
           d.)Upload to your account

*We neither promote nor have a connection or partnership with these platforms. Please use it at your own risk.

*For sequence videos, file size is limited to 400 MB.


3. YouTube/Vimeo Option

We have also added the option to link in a YouTube or Vimeo video instead of uploading files. You only need to paste the link, and the videos will automatically generate a thumbnail.

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Reminder: When using a YouTube or Vimeo link - Offline Sync in the mobile apps is disabled.

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4. Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having problems uploading my videos to my app.

Check our article on Troubleshooting Video Issues in the App.


I've been trying to upload a video but it's stuck on "processing". What do I do?

Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Bigger file sizes may take longer to upload, and any unstable connection may break the uploading process. If it continues to get stuck on "processing," delete the video widget, log out, log back in, and add the video widget again to upload the file.

If you want to upload files faster, consider uploading files below 1GB, compressing your videosor adding a YouTube/Vimeo video link instead.


When rewinding the current video it goes back to the previous video, why is this happening?

Currently, we have a feature that allows users to swipe on the screen to go to the next or previous lesson. However, this feature may be accidentally triggered if the device's swipe to left/right gesture is set or designed to act like a back or next button.