How to use the Pricing Plans section

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In this article, you will learn how and when to use the pricing plans. 



1. What is the Pricing Plan section?

2. How to create a pricing plan

3. How to edit an existing pricing plan

4. How to delete a plan

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to use the Pricing Plan section


1. What is the Pricing Plans section?

In this section, you will create your pricing plan, which can be any number of your PassionProducts grouped together so you can charge a fee for using them. 

You can choose if you want to create a subscription or a one-time payment pricing plan. But keep in mind that once a payment type (subscription/one-time payment) is set up, you cannot edit the plan and change it to a different payment type. However, you can always create a new plan and delete the other one.



2. How to create a pricing plan?

1. Go to the Pricing Plans Section and click on the Create new plan button


2. Choose the Features and Courses you would like to include in your plan and press Next step

Note: Your Unpublished products would also show up here but you cannot select them because we can only create a plan for published products. Publish them if you want to add them to your pricing plan. 


3. Choose a payment type: Subscription or One-time payment 

Note: Once a payment type (subscription/one-time payment) is set up, you cannot edit the plan and change it to a different payment type. However, you can always create a new plan and archive the other one.


4. Add the Basic Information:

  • Name of the plan - Give a name to your plan - max 24 characters 
  • Price - You can add your price or add a 0 to create a Free Plan. 

    Note: Apple and Google only allow prices ending in .49 or .99. If you set your price for $35 it will automatically select $34.99 if you sell your subscription through In-App Purchase. 

  • Currency - You have 6 currency options available at the moment: USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF.

    Note: These currencies are only used with PassionPayments.
    For In-App Purchases (purchase directly from your branded app) the currency will automatically change to your client's App Store/ Google Play Store currency.

  • Billing Cycle - If you are creating a subscription you can set the billing cycle for every week, every month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year


  • Description - Add a description to your pricing plan - Max 80 characters
  • Free trial - You can opt to add a free trial (only available for subscriptions). You can offer 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days. 
  • PassionPayments Web Checkout - Here is your Payment Link to your connected Stripe Web checkout. It will appear once you create the plan.


5. Click on the Create Plan button



IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid getting rejections from Apple due to high pricing, we implemented a filter on the Sales Page. The maximum Apple and Google will accept is $100 for a one-time payment or $50/month subscription. You can however continue offering high ticket plans on your web app through the Passion Payments Checkout URL directly from the pricing plan created or set up hidden pricing



3. How to edit an existing pricing plan

1. Go to the Pricing Plans Section and click on the three dots of the plan you want to edit, then choose Edit Plan7.png

2. Edit the plan and press the Save Changes button 



4. How to Delete a plan

1. Go to the Pricing Plans Section and click on the three dots of the plan you want to archive, then choose Delete Plan



5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I create pricing plans that won't be visible on the Sales Pages?

Yes! If you have a course that you are planning to sell on an external platform you can create the plan and copy the URL or you can create hidden pricing in your app.


How many pricing plans can I create?

There is no limit to the number of pricing plans you can create.


Can I create a payment plan (e.g. installments)  when I create a pricing plan?

It is not possible to create Payment plans directly from your account. You can look into a third-party payment gateway that allows a payment plan and connect it with Passion using Zapier. 
A workaround is to create a recurring payment (like a subscription) and manually remove it once the payment plan is complete (e.g if it's a 3-month payment plan, remove it once the third month was charged.) However, this is not viable if you have a big number of clients. 


What happens with the active subscribers if I change the price of my subscription?

Your clients would have purchased your subscription in one of two different ways:

  • In-App Purchase - they could have purchased it directly on an app store/ google play store.

    Apple Store - The change of your pricing plan on the App Store is not automatic. After you change the price on your pricing plan, you have to go to your Apple Developer Account and update the subscription price there. 
    Google Play Store - The change on your Google Play store is automatic. 

    Your clients will get a notification from Apple/ Google about the subscription price update. 

  • Web App - they could have purchased it using a PassionPayment or an external checkout page  (Paypal, ClickFunnels, etc). The change is automatic on your Sales Page, but you will need to communicate with your clients and update the subscription manually for the ones that purchased your subscription before the price change. 


If I edit my pricing plan price, does it change automatically on Stripe?

Yes, but we highly recommend you check your Stripe account and see if the change is reflected there. Otherwise, future purchases may not work if the price on Passion doesn’t sync with the price on Stripe.


Can I add a free trial for my clients?

Yes, you can! When creating a subscription plan, you have the option to add a free trial (7, 14, 30 days) for your clients.


I added free trial on my program but my client was charged upon purchase.

If the purchase was via PassionPayments, you may want to check your Stripe > search for the customer's email address > check if there was an actual charge. There are rare cases when a client purchases a subscription with a trial, they get sent a purchase receipt but when you check on Stripe, there is $0.00 charge.


If this was via in-app purchase, you may have missed the extra steps that you needed to do on your App Developer Account. Please follow these steps (How to add Free Trial) to make sure that your clients won't be billed while they are on the trial period.


Please note that we cannot process refunds for In-App purchases because we have no access to these third-party platforms or your personal payment processor. Your clients will have to request it directly from App Store or Google Play Store.


Can I set up installment payments through the app?

For now, you can't set it up directly on You can, however, set it up on Stripe. We recommend watching this external resource for more details: How to Use Stripe for Recurring Payments & Payment Plans (Tutorial) - Kamila Gornia




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