How to Publish an update to iOS App

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Updating your app to the latest version is important for the following reasons: Bug fixes, feature or new content releases, and applying the changes you have made in your app.


We are currently on version number 3.6, if the version you see from your Sales Channel Screen is lower than that please make sure to upgrade your app and follow the steps in the below article



1. How to update your iOS app to a newer version

2. How to submit the new iOS app version to Apple for Review

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to Publish an Update to iOS App

📝 Important:

Not all changes you do from your App Builder would trigger the need to re-submit your app for review. Please read this article to know when would you need to re-submit your app to Apple or Google. 


1. How to update your iOS app to a newer version

A prompt will show up when a new version is available in your app.


In the Sales Channels, click on the “Upgrade App” button of the Native App you wanted to update, then tap “Submit for Review”.




📝 Important: Submitting for Review means submitting your app to and isn't the final step yet. Our system will generate a new version of your app which will then be submitted to the App Store. Please wait for 30 mins to an hour for the new version to show up before proceeding to the next steps below. 


2. How to submit the new iOS app version to Apple for review


  • Your app status should appear as “Preparing for Submission” in Apple Connect.
  • Review the screenshots, description, and In-App Purchases sections.
    • Screenshots should not have any duplicates, error messages, cropped images, low-quality images


    • The description should be accurate, should not be misleading, and avoid texts/words that would monetize the current global/local crisis, e.g corona, COVID, pandemic, etc.


  • Select the latest build of the app version


    📝 Important: Make sure that the version under the iOS app and the build are similar. If not, click on the red button and choose the newest build. 




  • Select In-App Purchases if you are offering new pricing plans. Make sure to cross-check the price/s that you set on the Pricing Page of your Account.


    📝 Note: You can skip this step if you didn't add or change your pricing plans. 



  1. Select Automatically Release this Version (recommended)


  • Finally,  click Save in the top-right-hand corner, Add for Review then Submit for Review.


You're done! 🎉 Please wait for a message from Apple regarding your submission. 


3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get the App Store approval?

In most cases, it takes about 3 to 5 days to receive approval and can take up to 24 hours for your app update to appear in the App Store. Currently, the app reviews are delayed due to the limited staffing for safety purposes.

You will receive email notifications from Apple directly. If you need any further assistance, you can always reach out to our App Submissions Team. 


How can I keep track of the progress for the app update?

You can keep track of the progress of your app by logging into your AppBuilder. Apple app update review usually takes 3-5 days or more depending on their review/revision requests. 




I got a rejection message from Apple. What do I do?

Please refer to this article if something went wrong with your latest Apple submission: Apple App Rejections and How to Resolve Them 





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