How to activate PassionPayments

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With the launch of PassionPayments, you can now sell directly on your Web App. If you have a Stripe account, you can connect it to your account to accept credit/debit card payments.



1. Benefits

2. Supported payment methods

3. Activating your PassionPayments

4. Your checkout URL

5. Test payment

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We share the same goal of giving your clients a seamless experience when checking out through the Web App. Please CLICK HERE  to troubleshoot issues that you and your clients may encounter using PassionPayments.


How to activate PassionPayments


1. Benefits

  • You get your payment directly on your bank account connected to Stripe.

  • Save on the 30% app sales commission (vs. Apple/Google store sales)

  • You can link your PassionPayments Web Checkout URL to your external sites.


2. Supported payment methods

  •  Credit Card

  •  Debit Card


Though Stripe supports other payment methods, PassionPayments only supports credit cards and debit cards currently. You can, however, use a different checkout URL like PayPal.Me Link or other external checkouts to collect payment from your clients if they prefer to use another payment method. 



3. Activating your PassionPayments


3.1 In your account, go to Settings > Integrations > Connect Account:



3.2 You can then sign in to your Stripe Account if you already have one, or activate a new one by filling out the form.

IMPORTANT: For the business website field, you can use your passion subdomain (



3.3 Once activated, make sure that on your Sales Page, the Web Checkout URL for the Pricing Widget is EMPTY. Only fill in this field if you are using an external checkout.





3.4 The next time your clients click on your Call To Action button in your Web App Sales Page, they will be directed to Sign Up then to the Payment Page:




3.5 Once payment is successful, your clients can begin accessing the content they purchased.



4. Your checkout URL

4.1 Go to your Pricing Plans page, then click on the COPY link to get your checkout URL



Paste the copied URL into your browser to check if you are able to view your checkout page.


This is a sample of how it looks like when accessed (after you get past the sign up page):




5. Test Purchase

Create a TEST PURCHASE once you have connected your Stripe account. This will help ensure that the integration works and your clients have access to the products included in the pricing plan(s). We recommend setting your plan's price at $5 USD.


When doing a test purchase, make sure to log out of your Web App and use a different email address other than your connected email address so you don't get an error.


Once you have successfully opened your PassionPayments checkout URL, you can do a test purchase by inputting your card details to confirm the order.


Once the test purchase is successful, check on your Stripe account if the payment went through. You may then choose to refund your payment back to your card via Stripe.



6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I'm having problems with my checkout page and receiving payments. What do I do?

Have you done a Test Purchase? If you're having issues taking payments please refer to this article: How to troubleshoot common PassionPayment issues to guide you.


How do I know if my clients have access?

You can check all of your registered clients via your PassionMetrics page on your account


Can I set up installment payments through the app?

For now, you can't set it up directly on You can, however, set it up on Stripe. We recommend watching this external resource for more details: How to Use Stripe for Recurring Payments & Payment Plans (Tutorial) - Kamila Gornia


Does collect taxes?

We do not collect taxes for your purchases or sales.


For PassionPayments, Stripe takes care of the taxes.The best thing to do is to check this link in your Stripe account;


For branded apps, Apple/Google sells in your name and pays these taxes. They pay out “proceeds” to you creators (after taxes + commissions).


For all other tax concerns, as the tax rules vary from country to country/jurisdiction, it is still best to ask and consult your tax expert.


I'm having trouble connecting with my Stripe account?

You might have to disconnect any account that was previously connected with or create a new Stripe account if possible (multiple active accounts). 









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