How to use the Typeform widget

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In this article, you will learn why and how to use the Typeform widget and keep your clients engaged! 



1. What is the Typeform widget?

2. How to have a Typeform account?

3. How to add a Typeform widget?

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


How to use the Typeform widget


1. What is the Typeform widget?

The Typeform widget allows you to easily create quizzes, calculators, and worksheets for your clients. You can use it to gather feedback, test your client's progress, or make it easy to take notes as people go through your content.



2. How to  have a Typeform account?

You can create a Typeform account here.


3. How to add a Typeform widget?

Here are the steps to add a Typeform to the platform:


1. Log in to 


2. Go to the PassionProducts section



3. Click on Courses



4. Choose a product 



5. Select the lesson that you would like to add the Typeform widget to


6. Click on the plus (+) icon on the right side of the screen


7. Select the Typeform Widget or Drag to add it to a lesson


8. Once you have added the Typeform widget into your lesson, you can then insert the link to the form you want to add. 


9. How to find the link:

  • Log in your details to


  • Select the desired Typeform and then click the share button on the top center


  • On this page, you’ll find your Typeform public link on the left-hand side


  • Simply click the Copy link button and then go back to the platform to paste it


Make your Typeform Mandatory 

You can make the Typeform mandatory for your clients to complete the lesson by selecting the tick-box underneath the link.


When you make it mandatory the Complete button will be deactivated until your client submits the Typeform. 


When your clients answer the Typeform survey in your app, you will be able to see their answers in your Typeform Account via Responses.


4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. I'm using other online forms. Will it work with the Typeform widget?

As of now, only Typeform links will work on the Typeform widget. You can instead add the link to your form inside a lesson. However, your client will be directed outside your Web App when they click the external link. 


2. When will other online forms be integrated with

We are constantly improving existing features and adding new ones. You can suggest your idea on Canny.


3. Can I use VideoAsk by Typeform as well?

Absolutely! The process is the same, create your VideoAsk, copy the link and then go back to platform to paste it. 

Note: If you are setting up responses with video, please advise your clients to manually allow mic & camera permission. Learn how to Troubleshoot your VideoAsk 


4. Can my clients receive their answers?

Yes! You can set up Respondent Notifications on your Typeform, so your clients receive their answers in their mailbox. Learn how here


5. What are the limitations of a free TypeForm account?

You can check out the features that come with a free TypeForm account here.  




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