How to create a free pricing plan (available for all clients)

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Learn how to create a free pricing plan so you can give a taste of your content to your clients.



1. How to create a free pricing plan

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to create a free pricing plan (available for all clients)


Note: When you create a free pricing plan, a subscriber should still subscribe to have access but there is no need to set each lesson under that plan for free.


1. How to create a free pricing plan

To create a free pricing plan:

1. Login into your account

2. Go to Pricing Plans


3. Click on One time orders > Create New Plan (You can only create free pricing plans under one time orders by placing a zero price)


4. Choose the product you would like to add to your free pricing plan and click on Next Step 


5. Type in the name of the free pricing plan, Price should be set to zero "0" and add a brief description of the plan. Once done, click on the Create Plan button



6. You will then be directed to your Sales Page for you to create the pricing plan widget that will be displayed on your Discover Page. Add a Pricing Plan widget by dragging and dropping.


7. Click on Edit and add a Small headline, Main headline, Button Text, leave the Web App Checkout URL empty and select the plan.


8. Make sure to choose the correct plan from the drop down menu


9. The last step is to do a Test Purchase to make sure the plan is being added for free.

To do this, you can use your mobile device or laptop and go to your web app. Go to the Discover Page and click your Call to Action button to sign up. It is best to create a dummy account when testing a free plan to avoid confusion.


2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why are my courses not showing up on the Learn Page?

Only courses under a pricing plan that is added on the Sales Page will show up on the Learn Page. When you click on those courses, you will see an UPGRADE button that will prompt you to subscribe.


Do I need to set all the lessons for free under the free pricing plan? 

If you want your clients to be able to access your contents without signing up, then you have to set the lessons for free. But if you want them to sign up, keep the lessons locked under the free pricing plan.

To set some lessons for free under a paid product, just click the ellipsis across the lesson and click Set as preview content. When you do this, the particular lesson will be accessible by everyone even if they do not sign up. They will only be required to sign up when they click the UPGRADE button to access the rest of the locked contents.




What if I want to create pricing plans that won't be visible on the Sales Page?

Yes! If you have a course that you are planning to sell on an external platform you can create the plan and copy the URL or you can create hidden pricing in your app.



What happens with the active subscribers if I change the price of my subscription?

Your clients would have purchased your subscription in one of two different ways:

  • In-App Purchase - they could have purchased it directly on an app store/ google play store.

    Apple Store - The change of your pricing plan on the App Store is not automatic. After you change the price on your pricing plan, you have to go to your Apple Developer Account and update the subscription price there. 
    Google Play Store - The change on your Google Play store is automatic. 

    Your clients will get a notification from Apple/ Google about the subscription price update. 

  • Web App - they could have purchased it using a PassionPayment or an external checkout page  (Paypal, ClickFunnels, etc). The change is automatic on your Sales Page, but you will need to communicate with your clients and update the subscription manually for the ones that purchased your subscription before the price change. 




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