How to add a Lesson to your Course

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A Lesson is an area within your app to add content such as video, image, text, quizzes, etc. Learn more about Lessons below.



1. Lesson vs Sequence

2. What is a Lesson?

3. Adding a Lesson

4. Product Widgets

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to add a Lesson to PassionProducts?


1. Lesson vs Sequence

Lessons let you use our full widget library such as video, image, text, quizzes, etc. 

Sequences add additional features to your video content. You can use a sequence to loop a video or set a timer in a video.


Not sure which content type to use? Check this out: Lessons & Sequences: What's the difference?



2. What is a Lesson?

For a lesson, it lets you use our full widget library. You can add text, upload videos & images, quizzes, and add downloadable resources to your lesson. It can be educational but it doesn't have to, it is just where you share content. 


3. Adding a Lesson

3.1 Login into


3.2 Click on PassionProductsNew_1.png


3.3 Click on Courses3.png


3.4 Choose a product



3.5 Click on the + icon to add more content



3.6 You will see two options between a Lesson or Sequence. Choose Lesson7.png


3.7 Choose between the available Product WidgetsNew_4.png


4. Product Widgets

For a Lesson, you are able to add in different Product Widgets! Check this out for more information: Product Widgets and Accepted File Types & Sizes


5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What can I do with a Lesson widget?

Anything! You can upload an image, video, audio, schedule, Typeform, and much more! You can add a wide range of available Product Widgets to your lesson.


How to reposition or rearrange the order of your Lessons/Sequence?

You can rearrange the sequence of your lessons by dragging and dropping them. Just click and hold the 6 vertical dots on the side of each lesson then drop them on the sequence you want to be in.


Can my clients leave notes on Lessons? 

For now, you can use the TypeForm widget to collect feedback from your clients. 


How can I change or edit the cover photo of my course?

You can always change the cover photo of your course by going to the course and clicking on the upload icon that can be found in the upper left corner of the course's page. 


Does the app remember where I stopped watching a video and put me back there the next time I visit?

This works on your Web App when you upload your videos via Youtube. The browser will remember where your clients stopped watching and take them back there the next time they visit. This doesn’t work on the native app or on videos you upload directly to







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