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The Sales Page is the first thing your clients will see. Learn in this article how to use all the widgets to create a great Sales page. 



1. The Sales Page

2. Required Widgets

3. Optional Widgets

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to use the Sales Page


1. The Sales Page

The Sales Page is the first thing your clients will see after the Welcome screen (it is called Discover on your app). You will build your Sales Page using widgets that allow you to add a beautiful header with an image or video, clients' testimonials, a FAQ about you and your product, a feature list, images, and your pricing plans. Learn more below about each widget and how to use them.


Welcome Screen Background Image/Video Size: 750 x 1336 px



2. Required Widgets

These are the widgets that are required to have an App. If you don't have one of the required widgets, you will see that on top, where it says Sales Page will have a gray tick. 



The Header is an image or video that sits on top of your app. You can now choose between using the "New" Header widget or the "Old" Header widget. 

You will add:

  • Background Image/Video (Vertical image or video works better - Background Image/Video tooltip text should change to Square image or video for the top of your app - File types: jpeg, png, mp4, mov. resolution is 720x720 for the Header (new) widget.
  • Headline
  • Caption
  • Call to action button (this button will lead your customers to the subscription area of your app. Example: “Subscribe now”. If you leave the text empty - the button will hide)


Note: There is an automatic overlay on the Header (old) screen. The overlay is meant to highlight the caption text and deliver a smooth transition to the Header widget and the next widget. If you choose a background image with a darker shade the image will look more clear. Light colors background on an overlay tends to "wash" the image behind. In the Header (new), the overlay was removed.


Pricing Plan and Multipricing

It is not required to have both widgets, if you only have one pricing plan, for example, using only the Pricing Plan widget will work. To learn more about the Multipricing x Pricing plan and how to use it click here


Note: To avoid getting rejections from Apple due to high pricing, we implemented a filter on the Sales Page. The maximum Apple and Google will accept is $100 for a one-time payment or $50/month subscription. 
To sell plans above this amount, we recommend you use web checkouts instead. 

Please take note as well that if you already have an IOS native app and you add an external checkout link to your Sales Page, Apple might reject it due to their pricing and commission.

To avoid any of these rejections happening, we recommend creating hidden pricing. Click here to learn more about How to create hidden pricing.



3. Optional Widgets

Feature list 

List the key features of your mobile app.



Add a set of Frequently Asked Questions.


Hero Image 

Add an image to your sales page.

Hero Image Size: 750 x 1336 px



Showcase up to 15 images with the carousel format. This can be testimonials, features in the app, etc.

Carousel Image Size: 1024 x 768 px



Did you know there are different types of widgets?
This page is for Sales Page Widgets.

For Course Widgets within the PassionProducts section, check out this article: Product Widgets and Accepted File Types & Sizes



4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When I update my Sales Page, does it automatically update my branded app?

If you add optional widgets and change images/ text it is updated automatically. If you change the price of a pricing plan that is on your Sales Page, you need to send an update to Apple/ Google for review. Learn more here:

How to Publish an update to my iOS App

How to publish an update to my Android App


Why is my Discover page not loading?

You may be missing a required widget on the Sales Page. Make sure that the check mark is shaded green or that there are no blank widgets on the sales page. Otherwise, the Discover page will not load properly.


How to publish my Discover page?

Publishing your Sales Page is automatic on your Web App. If you have a branded app and you have made changes to your Sales Page, please re-submit your app: How to Publish an update to my iOS App


Why am I unable to add the widgets?

Please make sure that you click on the widget, hold it, then drag it to the Sales Page. The newly added widgets usually appear at the bottom, then hover over your mouse on the widget and click edit.


"Wow! You got all our featured programs image" still appearing on the background. How do I change it?

This will only appear if the client has bought all your programs. On another note, you can add another pricing plan on your sales page that your client doesn't have access to so the regular Discover Page would still show up instead of the "Wow! You got all our featured programs image."


You can also replace this photo by going to the Branding Section > Background for Discover Page, Loading State Background and remove or upload a new photo.


My client cannot see the contents of Discover Page on app. Why is that so? app is for in-app viewing only. That's why you're clients (when logged into your app via app) will notice that the pricing plans are greyed out. You can provide them the URL link of the pricing plan instead, which you will find on the Pricing Plan Section of the PassionBuilder. Just a reminder if you are using PassionPayments, please make sure that the Web App URL field is empty.


Why are my testimonials not showing? 

If you are viewing it on app, it's natural behavior of the feature. You can request this feature improvement on Canny.


Why is my Header video not playing on Web App?

Please check that your device is not on Battery Safe mode or low battery mode. When your device is on these modes, the app will comply with the setting because playing videos easily drain your smartphone's battery.


How can we remove/edit the logo/text at the bottom of the welcome screen in the app?

We cannot remove it currently but this can be modified via App Builder>Sales Channels>Web Set Up>Name of your App.




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