How to apply for Google 15% Service Fee Tier Program to pay 15% commission

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This is how to apply for Google 15% Service Fee Tier Program to reduce the commission you pay on in-app purchases from 30% to 15%. You are eligible for this program if you make less than $1M (USD) per year with your branded Google App. 



1. How to Apply 

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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How to apply for Google 15% Service Fee Tier Program to pay 15% commission


1. How to Apply 

1. Create a payments profile if you don't have one already in your Google Developer Console.

Instructions to create the payment profile are here.

2. Create a Developer Account Group:

  • Open Play Console and go to the Associated developer accounts page.
  • Click Create account group.
  • Enter your account group name. You should use the full, legal name of your business or organization. For example, Google LLC. If your account is for personal use, use your developer name.
  • Click Create account group.
    To finish setting up your account group, you must tell us about any other Developer Accounts you're associated with. More info here.

3. When you've finished setting up your Account Group, you can enroll for the 15% service fee on the Associated developer accounts page. You'll see a banner on the page with the heading, "When you've finished setting up your account group, enroll for the 15% service fee." Underneath, click Review and enroll.

4. Read and accept the 15% service fee Terms of Service.


5. Click Accept and enroll. 


After enrolling, you can see your enrollment status any time at the bottom of the Associated developer accounts page. 



2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How will non-USD currencies be taken into account?

The $1M of developer earnings is defined in USD. Transactions in other currencies will be converted using the foreign exchange rates which are updated throughout the day.


2. On what calendar basis will the annual $1M (USD) of developer earnings be determined?

Earnings will be calculated on a calendar year basis (January 1–December 31). 






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