How do I add audio files to my content?

Audio offers a unique way for customers to consume your content! Learn here how to use it!


1. What is it for?

2. How can I add  an Audio file to my app?

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1. What is it for?

With audio, you can…

✔  Offer Complete Flexibility: Customers can tune into your content hands-free and with their screen off

✔  Create Deeper Customer Relationships: Be the voice they listen to when they're working out, driving to work, or doing the dishes

✔  Launch Without Video: Being on camera isn’t for everyone… Now you can create valuable audio content for your customers

✔  Produce Deeper Focus: Whether it’s meditations, hypnosis, or podcasts, background audio allows your customers to relax and concentrate on your content with their screen off

✔  Create Your Podcast: Finally, launch your interactive podcast app

✔  Make Fresh & Engaging Content: Don’t just stick to videos… Keep your customers on their toes by varying the ways you teach them



A lesson can contain up to 1 GB (5 GB for the ultimate plan and above) of audio files.
Accepted file types: AAC and MP3. You can also check to convert files.
Your customers can listen to the audio content even with locked phone screens!

2. How can I add an Audio file to my app?

Here are the steps to add an audio file to the platform.

  • From your App, Web App, or App, go to your Courses.

  • Choose one of your Courses.

Group 12 (3)

  • Add a new Lesson.

Group 13 (2)

  • Add your content's details.
  • Add content.

Lesson (6)

  • Select the Audio Widget.

Lesson (5)

  • Tap on the widget to upload an audio file - the file must be AAC or MP3 and under 1 GB (5 GB for the ultimate plan and above)
  • Add audio file.

Group 20

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I getting an error whenever I upload a file?

a. Check if the file type is AAC or MP3. If it is not, could you convert the file before uploading it? You can find great tools for this at 
b. Please ensure that the file size is below 200MB. If it exceeds the limit, please try compressing and re-uploading it.


Please convert the file into AAC or MP3 instead of changing the file extension. Merely changing the file extension name will not change the format and might corrupt the file.


Can my clients still listen to the audio even if the phone screen is locked?

Yes! Even when they open another app or browser! You can also start and pause from the locked screen.


Is there a limit to the file size I can upload using the audio widget?

The file size limit is 200MB


Can my client download the audio to listen to it offline? 

Yes! Like Spotify or Podcasts, your clients can download the audio to the app and listen to it offline. Learn more here: In-App Offline Viewing


Can I add a podcast through this widget?

Adding a podcast is not an active feature, but you can use the Scheduling widget as a workaround.



What is the audio quality of my audience that they would enjoy? Is it 192 KBPS or 320 KBPS? 

This will mainly depend on the audio file produced from your end before uploading it to; we do not process or compress the audio file when it is uploaded. As long as it was made with high quality and not more than 200 MBs, your audience would enjoy the high-quality audio.