How to resolve "Email Address is already taken" Error?

If you are getting the error message "Email Address is already taken" when trying to access your account, this article is for you!


1. Why you're getting "Email Address is already taken" error

2. How to fix it?

1. Why you're getting "Email Address is already taken" error


Here are the possible reasons why you're getting this error:


1. You already have an existing account with

An account gets automatically created during the purchase process. We use the email address you entered during the sign-up process to create an account for you, even if the purchase was unsuccessful. 


2. You clicked on "Sign Up" instead of Sign In/ Login

To access your account after purchase, you must Sign In/Login, and not Sign Up. An account is already created for you during purchase.



2. How to fix it?

1. Already Purchased: Log in to access your account using the following links.

To access the courses included in your purchase: 

To access the platform: 


If you're having issues accessing the platform, please refer to this article to be guided: How to access your account


2. Purchase Incomplete/Unsuccessful: Sign up using a different email address or contact us to delete the previously created account without a membership.