How to set up your Branded iOS app

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At we want you to gain full control of your app so you can manage it anytime, anywhere. By following the steps below, you will be able to set up your native iOS app and have it available for your users on the App store. 



Start the launch of native iOS app in your App Builder by following these steps.
Continue with the steps below if you'd like to connect your Developer Account to yourself.



1. Grant Access to

2. Additional Information required

3. Set up your App Details

4. Preparing iOS App for Submission

5.Review and submit your app for Apple Review


This process is divided into 5 steps. Make sure to go through each step to complete your submission. 


1. Grant Access to


Once you have created your developer account, please make sure to grant access to the below email:

- Open the Users and Access section. 



- Click on the plus sign as shown below: 



- Once the pop-up appears for the user details, please enter the below: 

- Select the Role to be Admin, automatically all roles and access will be selected. 

- Click on Invite after you are done. 


Once you have completed this step, please complete this form.



Please complete the form immediately after sending an invite as we only have 24-48 hours to accept it. We have limited weekend support but can still accept the invite on Monday. After completing the form, please proceed to step 2 below.



2. Additional Information required


In this step, we will generate important information that is vital for connecting your Apple Developer Account with 

  • iOS Secret, iOS Key ID 
  • iOS IAP API Key, IAP API Key ID 
  • Issuer ID, API Key ID, and API Key 

As you are going through Step 2, make sure that you have also submitted this form as mentioned in the tutorial.

- From your App Builder, navigate to Apple App Store from Sales Channels. 
Quick link to navigate to this step: App Builder ⇒ Sales Channels ⇒ Apple App Store
Take note of your iOS Bundle ID as we will need to add it to your Apple Developer Account. 
- Log in to your Apple Developer Account.
- From Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles click on Identifiers. 
- Click on the + sign.
- Select App IDs then click Continue. 
- Select the App icon then click Continue. 
In this step, you will need the iOS Bundle ID from your App Builder. 
- In the Bundle ID field, paste the iOS Bundle ID. 
- In the Description field, paste only the last part of iOS Bundle ID. the part after the dot. Please see the example below: 
- Scroll down to Capabilities, mark on Push Notifications and Sign in with Apple. 
- Click on Continue. 
- the button will turn to Register, click on it once it does. 
- This is how your iOS Bundle ID should look after a successful registration. 
- Click on Keys and click on Create a Key or click on the + sign. 
- Create a name for this key, it could be anything you desire. 
- Mark on 
- Mark on
- Click on Configure to select the iOS Bundle ID as an identifier. 
- Select the Identifier then click on Save. 
- Once you are redirected to the Key Registration Screen, click on Continue.
- A confirmation screen will appear, click on Register to confirm the key registration. 
- Download the created key and mind its location on your computer. Don't try to open the file as your system will not be able to read it. 
- It is very important to copy the Key ID to your sticky notes or notepad as we will need it later in the App Builder. 
- From the App Builder, upload the downloaded file to the iOS Secret field and paste the Key ID. 
- It is important to upload the file and paste the Key ID in this form
- Now, log in to your App Store Connect account and click on Users and Access. 
- Click on Keys then click on Generate In-App Purchase Key. 
- Type in IAP Passion in the name field. 
- Click Generate. 
- Once the key is generated successfully, click on Download In-App Purchase Key. 
- Copy both the Issuer ID and the Key ID to a notepad as we will need them to be added to your App Builder. 
- Go to your App Builder, from Sales Channels go to Apple App Store. 
- Upload the downloaded key to the IAP API Key field. The format to it starts with SubscriptionKey. 
- Paste the copied Key ID to the IAP API Key ID field. 
- Navigate back to Users and Access from your App Store Connect account. 
- Click on Keys. 
- Click on Request Access. 
- A pop-up will appear informing you of the usage of this API, scroll down, mark the checkbox and then click on Submit. 
- Enter passion as the name for this API. 
- The role should be Admin as shown in the below screenshot. 
- Click on Generate. 
- Once the API Key is generated, click on Download API Key. 
- Copy both the Issuer ID and the Key ID to a notepad as we will need them to be added to your App Builder. 
- Go to your App Builder, from Sales Channels go to Apple App Store. 
- Upload the downloaded key to the API Key field. the format for it starts with AuthKey. 
- Paste the copied Key ID to the API Key ID field. 
- Click on Connect to establish the connection between your Apple Accounts and 
It is very important to complete this form to notify us of this step's completion from your end. 



3. Set up your App Details


Fill out all the details in this section that would reflect on your app in the App Store. 

  1. App Name: The name of your app that will be published on Apple and Google
  2. App Icon: Upload your app's logo or icon to be shown on your app and will appear as the icon when downloaded to your home screen. (recommended size: 1024x1024px)
  3. App Description: This text is used in the app stores to advertise your application. It's key to convince users to download your app. We recommend you write a minimum of 50 words. Please make sure to include information about all pricing plans you are offering on your Sales Page (do not include any prices).
  4. Promotional Text: A summary of your app description
  5. App Subtitle: A short description of your app
  6. App Store Category: The category the app will be placed in on the AppStore
  7. App Key Words: Define keywords to help with search optimization
  8. Support URL: Your support link to your site. You can use
  9. Marketing URL: Your marketing link to your site. You can use your Web App URL. 
  10. Privacy Policy URL: Your privacy policy for the app. Use the Passion Privacy Policy.
  11. Enable Screenshot Builder: enable the use of the screenshot builder to show your app screenshots in the details for users to view before they download. 


For more guidance, please check this article: How to Setup your App Details


4. Preparing iOS App for Submission


You're almost there! Complete the additional steps in this article: Preparing the iOS app for submission. This is highly important! Skipping the steps will cause app delays or review rejections. 

Proceeding to Submit For Review before finalizing this step will cause review rejections and app-live delays. 


5. Review and submit your app for Apple Review


Please read this first: What do I need to do before I submit my app?

When done, click on Submit For Review.

A confirmation screen will pop up to confirm your app submission to Apple. Once the review process is started, you will not be able to make changes until the app is Live.



Important Reminders: 

1. You can track the progress of your app by logging in to your AppBuilder. Apple app reviews usually will take 7 days or more depending on their review/revision requests. 

2. It may sometimes take up to 24-48 hours for your iOS app to be available in the App Store once Apple approves it. 


Refer to this article if something went wrong with your latest Apple submission: Apple App Rejections and How to Resolve Them 





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