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This article is a guide to how you can connect your account with Zapier and automate your success.



1. What is Zapier?

2. Zapier Automations

3. What can I use Zapier for?

4. Setup Zapier

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Zapier - How to automate your success


1. What is Zapier?

You can now connect your PassionApp with Zapier & unlock 3,000+ services to boost profits, engage clients and track app data… All on auto-pilot!



2. Zapier Automations

With Zapier integration you can set up automated actions when a client:

  • Creates an account

  • Purchases a pricing plan

  • Cancels a subscription

  • Completes a lesson

  • Comments on a post

  • Writes a new chat message

  • Adds a new check-in to the progress tracker


3. What can I use Zapier for?

With 3000+ services the possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples of how you can use Zapier to boost your app business:


Make more money… On autopilot

Monetize your app by sending automated marketing emails to your clients. If a client cancels their subscription, try sending a downsell email offering them a new membership at a lower price. Or if a client creates an account with you, send them a marketing campaign that shows off your app. The possibilities are endless.


Boost your client’s success

Set up automated emails that are based on your client’s progress. For example, send a welcome email when a client makes their first purchase, offer tips when clients complete certain lessons or congratulate them when they check-in to the progress tracker.


Be instantly informed about app client actions

Want to know what your clients are up to in your app? Set up notifications so you can keep track of new purchases, cancellations, lesson progress, comments, chat messages, and more.


Get sales freedom with external checkouts

Got your own checkout page or funnel that you want to use instead of the sales page? Once you connect your external checkout to, your external purchases will automatically trigger purchases to be created inside your account.


Analyze your app data

Connect your account to Analytics platforms like Google Analytics to track purchases, cancellations, client progress, and more.



4. Setup Zapier

1. Log into


2. Click on Settings and go to Integrations 


3. Click on Connect Account


4. Login or Sign Up to your Zapier Account 


5. Click on Add Connection


6. Search for and press Connect 


7.  Enter your credentials in the pop-up window


Note: If you use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account to log in, the credentials to connect Zapier and Passion won't work. Please contact us so we can change your credentials to Email and Password. 


8. is now connected to your Zapier account and you can start creating zaps for your automations!




5. Frequently Asked Questions


What apps/tools can I connect to my app? 

You can connect your account to 3,000+ services/apps through Zapier. Explore more here.


What scenarios would I use Zapier with

Here is the list of different ways you can use with Zapier.


I get an error message when I enter my email address and password after choosing

  • Make sure that you have entered your login credentials. If you’re unsure of your password, please reset your password first, and then try again.

  • If you use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account to log in, the credentials to connect Zapier and passion won't work. Please contact us so we can change your credentials to Email and Password. 

I get this message "We hit an error adding your new account"

  • When this happens, you can update your password and try again. This should fix the issue.


How do I set up ‘Zaps’ on the Zapier platform?

Zapier created an excellent Help Center showing you how to get the most out of your automated workflows here.


I connected my Zapier account to but the button still reads "Connect Account".


The “Connect account” button redirects you to the Zapier website, where you can connect your Passion account with Zapier.

Please keep in mind that the “Connect account” button will still be displayed on the page, even if your Passion account is already connected with Zapier. You can check the status of your connection in Zapier, by going to the My Apps menu item, Connections tab.





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