How to set up promo codes using and Zapier?

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Offering discounts can entice your clients to engage or build loyalty with your products. With Zapier integration, this is now possible! 


1. How to set up on Passion (step1)

2. How to set up on Zapier (step 2) 


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How to set up promo codes using and Zapier?


1. How to set up on Passion (step1)

1. Log in to your App Builder and create two pricing plans: Full price and Discounted


Not sure how to create a Pricing plan? Check this article here.



2. How to set up on Zapier (step 2) 

1. Create two separate Zaps for both pricing plans

  • Zap for Full Price Product:
  • Zap for Discounted Product:

2. In our example, we’ll be using ClickFunnels as the trigger:

2.1 Select the appropriate funnel and funnel step depending on the checkout page provider you are using


2.2 Set up the filter and type in the word full so the zap will continue if the word is detected


2.3 Connect to, choose your account, and type in your user email address and password


2.4 Fill out the different fields: email address, first name, last name


2.5 Select the full price plan from and test the zap


2.6 Do the exact same thing with the other zap (for the discounted) but change the filter and the product connected to discounted



4. When set up properly, the checkout page should work like Picture A and B



5. Once the test purchase is done, check if the email address you used appeared on PassionMetrics. If it did, the Zapier integration was successful!






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