How to use the App

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Give your clients the full PassionApp experience in minutes, with the App.

Now your PassionApp will be instantly available in the app. Download it on the Google Play or Apple App Store and simply type in the name of your app.




1. What is the app?

2. What can I use it for?

3. How does it work?

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to use the App


1. What is the app?

It's an app built to host your PassionApp & content. The App delivers all the features & functionality you’d expect from a PassionApp - a branded environment for your content, community, progress tracking, interactive exercises, push notifications and so much more.




2. What can I use it for?

  • Get your PassionApp live in minutes so you can sell faster & better
  • An additional channel to your branded app
  • Provide your clients with the full app experience


3. How does it work?

As a PassionFighter your app will be available automatically in the App, there’s nothing more you need to do apart from telling your clients about it.

For your clients: It’s easy...

  1. Download the app from the Google or Apple app stores, 
  2. Type in the name of your PassionApp
  3. Login & enjoy!


4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I thought I got my own branded app with

You do! In order to get your own branded app, you need to go and submit your app to Apple & Google for review.


When can I get my own branded app?

You can submit your app to Apple & Google once your app is complete. Every app is manually reviewed by Apple & Google, so you'll need to add your content, brand, etc to your account before you can submit your app for review


Is the app a marketplace where I will compete with other similar apps?

No. It's designed for your clients to search for your app and enter into your own branded world within the App. We will not show them any other similar apps


What are the benefits of my PassionApp being accessible on the app? 

Your clients will have your content & community at the click of a button. They can download your content to watch in offline mode and you can even send them push notifications!  You will have all the features and functionality you’d expect from a PassionApp.


Can my clients subscribe to my pricing plan from App?

Your clients won't be able to purchase your product from App. They have to go to your Web App to purchase. 


I don't want this option, can I turn it off?  

If you don't want your app to be searchable in App, and also turn off the notifications to get App on your app. You can go to Settings - Distribution Platform - Turn Off App. 


My client gets taken out of the app when she clicks on the back button.

On Android phones, the back button is for the app, that's why clicking on it will take you out of the app. If a client wants to go back to the previous lesson,  he/she should click the arrow BACK arrow above. 




Why are my testimonials not showing? 

The testimonials are not part of the app viewing features as of the moment. You can request this feature improvement on Canny.


Does the app remember where I stopped watching a video and put me back there the next time I visit?

This works on your Web App when you upload your videos via Youtube. The browser will remember where your clients stopped watching and take them back there the next time they visit. This doesn’t work on the native app or on videos you upload directly to






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