How to manage common client concerns

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There may be times when your clients, no matter how hard you/we work to deliver the best app experience, will encounter technical issues and this quick guide below will come in handy as you start and continue your journey.



1. Basic Troubleshooting

2. Cannot sign up to the program

3. Cannot access the subscription

4. Cannot access the Web App with the password and email that was sent

5. Cannot purchase programs

6. Client Request for Cancellation of Subscription

7. Client Request for Refund

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For app building concerns, you may check out our Help Center, chat with one of our PassionChamps using the chat button inside the Help Center or email us at


How to manage common client concerns


1. Basic Troubleshooting

These basic troubleshooting steps can fix common issues like: app crashing, courses not loading, features not showing, etc. You can share these to your clients too or even add this bit in one of your lessons.


a. Log out of the app
b. Uninstall the app
c. Clear app cache. You can refer to these external resources:

d. Reinstall the latest version of the app (if available)

e. If the issue persists, please let your clients know that they can go to their Profile Settings > Report a technical problem > click on REPORT A BUG button, so our Support Team can check it further.


If it's you who is experiencing the issue, please use this Tech Support Request Form.


2. Cannot sign up to the app

It may be that your client is already subscribed to another app created within This means that his email address is already in our system. To purchase another subscription, the client can simply log into the app instead of clicking Sign Up.


3. Cannot access the subscription

If your client purchased the program via App Store or Google Play Store but cannot access the subscription, it may be due to an interruption of internet connection when they made the purchase. You can ask them to go to their App Settings and click on Restore Purchase. That should fix the issue.


Please note that we are unable to control their access from our internal system if it was an in-app or external purchase. We are only able to see whether a purchase was successful or not.

If it's about a particular course, you may want to check your PassionBuilder. It may be that the course was not included in the pricing plan. Tick the box of the course that is to be included then save the pricing plan. It should automatically reflect on your client’s app. If it doesn't, please ask the client to log out then log back into the app.


4. Cannot access the Web App with the password and email that was sent

You can tell your client to try using a different browser or just click Forgot Password from the login page. You can also check on you PassionMetrics if the email address appears to make sure that account creation was indeed successful. If account was not successfully created, please repeat the Sign Up process.


If Forgot Password doesn't do the trick, please write in to with the Subject Line: Client Password Reset, so we can reset their password from our end.


5. Cannot purchase programs

Is your client trying to purchase the program in app? The app is for in-app viewing only. All purchases must be made via Web app or branded apps.


If the client is getting an error saying that no payment was set up yet, please look into your Sales Page and make sure that the Web App URL field is empty. Remember that the Web App URL field should be left empty when using PassionPayments. You will only fill in the Web App URL field if you want to use an external payment processor.




6. Client Request for Cancellation of Subscription

For cancellation, please refer to the following information:


In-App Purchase

1. iOS devices (Apple)
Open the Settings app
Tap Your Name on the top
Tap Subscriptions
Tap the subscription that you want to manage.
Tap Cancel Subscription (If you don’t see Cancel, the subscription is already canceled and won't renew.)



2. Android devices (Google)
On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store
At the top right, tap the profile icon
Tap Payments & Subscriptions
Tap on Subscriptions
Select the subscription you want to cancel.
Tap Cancel subscription.
Follow the instructions.



3. Web App purchase (PWA)


Web App purchase may either be through PassionPayments or external checkout. Please refer to the following information:



Cancel the subscription via Stripe. Here's the external resource: How to pause or cancel subscriptions


External Checkout/PassionMetrics

For you to activate/cancel your clients' subscription manually, log into your PassionBuilder > go to PassionMetrics

  • Search for the app user through their email address
  • Click on the gear icon
  • Then, Edit Plans
  • Click on the gear icon to activate or cancel a plan

7. Client Request for a Refund

If the purchase was made via PassionPayments, then you have to refund her from your Stripe account. Click here to follow the Stripe process for refunds.


For in-app purchase (Apple or Google), please share the following links to your clients:
Request a refund for a Google Play purchase
Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple


Please note that we cannot process refunds for in-app purchases because Apple and Google are third-party platforms. Also, we do not have access to their billing system because it is your own account that is connected to these platforms.


8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why was my client billed when she purchased my program with free trial?

When submitting apps to Apple, additional steps have to be taken when your pricing plans are with free trial. More information here: How to Manage In-app Purchases in Apple 






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