How to give free content in your app

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In this article, you will learn how you can give free or preview access to your PassionProducts in two ways.




1. How to create preview content

2. How to create free pricing plans

3. Frequently Asked Questions


How to give free content in your app


1. How to create preview content

To make your lessons available for everyone who downloads your app without them needing to sign up or log in, you can use preview content. You can easily set it up in three steps:

  • Open a pricing plan and include any courses you want to show as a preview
  • Add the plan on your sales page to make it visible for all clients when they click on the Learn tab
  • Select which lessons inside the courses that you want to be available for free by clicking on the ellipsis and selecting Set as preview content. Any lessons in the course that you do not set as preview content will be automatically locked.



2. How to create free pricing plans

A “free pricing plan” is a bundle of products you give away in exchange for your clients' email address.

This is a great way to give valuable content in order to build trust with customers so they buy your higher-priced plans


To create a free pricing plan:

  • Go to "Pricing Plans" in the platform
  • Create a one-time order plan then set the price to $0.00
  • Add the free pricing plan to your Sales Page 


If you are creating a free pricing plan for an exclusive group of clients, then there is no need to add it on the Sales Page. Simply copy the checkout link of that pricing plan as below, then share it with your clients. Although they won't see this on the Sales Page, the course will automatically appear on their Learn tab once they subscribe.




Note: We recommend you do a test purchase on the free app access link to make sure that everything is working. You may need to sign up using an incognito browser. It is best to create a dummy account when testing a free plan to avoid confusion.


3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How many free pricing plans can I create?
You can create as many as you want.

Can I use an external checkout for my free pricing plan, but still give access to my clients automatically?
You can use our Zapier integration to automate this process. Check this article for step by step instructions:
How to connect an external checkout page via Zapier





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