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At we want you to gain full control of your app so you can manage it anytime, anywhere.
Follow the steps below to initiate the launch of your native iOS app.


1. Access your App Builder and go to your Sales Channels.
2. Select 'Set up' under Apple App store


3. Wait for the compliance scan to complete.


Important: If issues are detected (example below), kindly comply and make the necessary changes to avoid delays on the approval.


If no issues are detected, kindly click on the box and continue.


4. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

If you do not have an Apple Developer Account yet, follow these steps to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. After payment, Apple will send confirmation within 24-48 hours. 


5. Select how you want to connect your Apple Developer Account to

Connecting your Apple Developer Account to can take around 60 mins and requires technical understanding. If you prefer us to do it for you, you can book a call with us. 

  • If you'd like to connect your Developer Account yourself, select 'I will connect it', and continue with the steps explained in the How to set up your Branded iOS app article
  • If you'd like us to connect your Developer Account for you (no additional fee), please select 'I need help' to book a call with us and follow the remaining steps below.


6. Fill in your App Details


7. Schedule a call with one of our App Submission Experts.

Kindly select an available schedule from the calendar provided.
Note: You will receive an email confirmation on the chosen date and time including the zoom call link.


8. The app submission expert will guide you in connecting your Apple Developer account to

An app submission team member will take care of the rest of the steps for you.


9. Once your app is live, you will see the 'App live' status on your Sales Channels


Additional Information: Whenever a new version of your app is available, you will also see this in the status page. Click on 'View' to start updating your app.




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Was this article helpful?