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✨ Passion.io Changelog

Discover what's changed at Passion.io.

May 2024

Subscription access fixed

We've resolved an issue where the "Get access" button persisted after subscribing to a plan. Now, your users can seamlessly access content immediately after subscribing, as expected. Let them enjoy uninterrupted access to all your great content 😊🔓

Community updates

  • No more double messages 📩✌️
  • Direct messages are back in action 💬🚀
  • The option to "remove community" is now working again 🚪🔧

Enjoy a smoother community experience!

iOS App closure issue

Good news! We've fixed the issue where some iOS apps unexpectedly closed when clicking on lessons, mainly for iPad users. Now, your users can enjoy uninterrupted lessons on their iPads. Affected apps need to be resubmitted, but we've got it covered! 🎉📱

Log in as usual

We've fixed the issue where some app creators encountered the "Error - cannot load your subscription data" message while trying to log in. 

The fix? We removed a special symbol from the app name that was added in the old platform. Now, you should be able to log in without any trouble. Happy creating! 😊

No more 505 error while submitting your app

We've fixed the 505 error when navigating to My App > Publish. Now, you can navigate through the app submission process smoothly. No more hiccups! 😊

Navigate & scroll lessons with tons of text

You can now scroll through long text in your lessons 🎉 No more cut-off text. See everything you type easily.

Everything is one tap away

Pressing menu items now works always as expected, so no more getting stuck in a user interface loop.

Smooth sailing in the community 

Sometimes, when clicking on a link within a community caused the app to close. Now, you and your users can navigate through a community without any unexpected bumps along the way.

iOS subscription visibility fix

We've fixed an issue where some user accounts weren't showing as active under the Users screen (formerly known as Passion Metrics). Now, your users' subscriptions should display correctly as active when they should be! 🎉

Reset filter button back in action on the Users screen

Looks like the reset filter button took a little vacation, leaving your filtering needs hanging. Our team worked their magic, and now that button is back on track, ready to clear those filters faster than you can say "reset".

Check out the Home screen for the latest updates

You'll find the "What's New" section conveniently located with a bell icon on the right corner. Stay in the loop with our latest releases and announcements, now right from your Home screen.

Styling your app

We've made a couple of tweaks to enhance the styling menu on preview. Now, each time you hit the save button during preview mode, we make sure a confirmation message pops up. It's the little things that make app building even smoother.

Custom push notifications back to normal

Custom notifications are back to their fabulous selves, no longer stuck on "users who signed up but didn't subscribe." Time to send those messages to the right crowd again!

 "Add Content" menu behaving

We've ironed out the kinks in the "Add Content" menu. It's now showing up exactly when it's supposed to, like a well-behaved guest at a party.

View users by plan

We've resolved the glitch on your Pricing screen's "View Users" option. You can now see all your users neatly sorted by plan.

Quick access to your lessons

Clicking a lesson now takes your users straight to it. No more detours to the Learn screen!

April 2024

Get your iOS app live in no time

Struggling with submitting your app to the App Store Connect and no clue what's going on? We get it. We've jazzed up our error messages to be crystal clear. So, next time things go wonky, our messages will guide you straight to the fix.

Stripe payments made easy

Struggled with connecting Stripe to your Passion.io account? We've fixed the issues, so now you can accept payments hassle-free.

Light, camera, action

Got video woes? We've got tips! 🌟 Find them on your Home screen or during uploads.

Clearer subscription messages

To clear up confusion, we've updated our messaging. If the user isn't subscribed to any of your plans, they'll now see: "To manage your subscription(s), visit yourappname.passion.io or email us at your feedback email."

Instant changes

Remove something from your content, and your users stop seeing it right away—no logging out required! Just a heads up: On the Web app, they'll need to refresh the page. On your own app, just revisit the lesson. Voila!

Keep your course order consistent

Sales page products now mirror your Learn tab layout!

All user sign-ups now in PassionMetrics!

Ta-da! 🎩✨ Our vanishing act mystery is officially solved! Now, no matter how they sneak in, every user's sign-up appears in PassionMetrics (Note: PassionMetrics is now renamed "Users").

Your users, where they need to be

We've fixed an issue that sent some users on an unexpected detour during sign-up or login. No more surprises! Now, after signing up or logging in, your users will go straight to the checkout page 🛒🎉

Log in using Apple ID

Big news! We've fixed the problem with logging in using Apple ID. Now, you and your users can easily get into your iOS app with Apple ID.

Push notifications

We've tackled the community push notification issue some of you reported 🐛. Those pesky duplicate notifications are now history, so no more spamming your users with the same message repeatedly. Also, bid farewell to those late-night surprises – your notifications will now be right on time, every time ⏰📬. We're currently rolling out these changes, so please bear with us. Thanks for your patience!

March 2024

Video controls now work flawlessly

We've ironed out a little wrinkle in the video experience: some uploaded videos were acting up with their commands ⏩ ▶️. Good news is, your users can now enjoy seamless video playback on any device.

Your content, full screen

We've fixed the glitch that was keeping some apps from playing nice with Chromecast 📺. Now, when your users hit play, your videos will start streaming smoothly, just like they should.

Easily edit your pricing plans

Ever tried rearranging your courses in a pricing plan 💸, only to find yourself stuck in a frustrating loop? That's old news. Now, you can tweak your pricing plans and save them easily.

February 2024

Cancel free pricing plans for your end-users

Before, some manual user enrollments were labeled incorrectly, making it hard to remove them. We've fixed this. Now, you can easily cancel 🆓 free plans, and users will lose access right away. Note: On the iOS or Android app, access is lost when the user closes and reopens the app.

Full course titles now visible on the Sales Page

Good news for creators with long course titles! ⌨️ We've resolved an issue where titles were getting cut off on the Sales Page. Your entire course names will now display without any cuts.

Android apps crashing no more

There was a hiccup with PassionMessaging, causing sudden shutdowns for Android 14 users. Now, PassionMessaging takes a break for Android 14 and above, ensuring smooth performance for versions below 14 and all iOS. 🎉  More good news: Your community push notifications should not be affected in any way.

January 2024

No more Mickey Mouse voices

🐭 Surprise cameo: "Mickey Mouse" voices might have dropped in on some of your .mp4 and .mov videos for a bit. Now, all audios should feature the original voices.

Close sequence videos easily with close (X) button

Before, closing certain videos 🎥 in the sequence preview was a bit tricky for some of your clients. But fear not – our update adds a close (X) button for a straightforward exit. 🎥🚀

Better viewing on 6.1-inch screens

Some creators using phones with 6.1-inch screens📱faced problems with their web apps—some buttons were not fully clickable, so we've fixed it.

Navigate community notifications with ease

Say farewell to back button mysteries. Clicking the bell icon is now a smooth groove 💃, allowing you to swing back and forth through your community messages as if you're on the dance floor.

Pick the right pricing plan for your community

Android buddies, listen up. Choosing pricing plans during community creation is now a walk in the park 🚶‍♂️—scroll up and down effortlessly.

500 error exits the stage

The days of the 500 error causing trouble with image uploads on cloned courses are officially over. 🥳🌟

December 2023

Borderless videos

Some videos were previously on a 'black tie' dress code, displaying with black borders. 📹 🕶️ We've now convinced them to loosen up and go borderless, ensuring they look great.

Enhanced community visibility

Ever added a new community and wondered why your existing customers couldn't see it? 🤔 Now, when you add new communities to a pricing plan, messages won't play hide-and-seek. Your customers can now join the party 🎉

An immersive experience for your customers

🔄 Now, your customers just need to rotate their phones, and your videos will adapt to their preferred view.

Community messages now appearing for all

🕵️‍♂️ We solved the case of vanishing messages in the community. It was like the Bermuda Triangle of messages—empty, no history 🌊💬 That's fixed; we've brought the messages back from the mysterious void.

Landscape thumbnails for your portrait videos 

Now, for 📹 portrait videos, you can use landscape thumbnails to create awesome previews. Your customers will love it!

Youtube videos improvement

Some YouTube videos 📹 were visible on your web app but not on your iOS or Android apps. Strange, isn't it? Now, your customers can view them on your native apps as well.

Dynamic progress circle

For some users, the progress circle was stuck on zero. Now their completed lessons are joining the circle dance. 🕺💃 Learning journey in motion.

Optimized iPad video playback

We fixed how videos look on iPad, so now your customers can enjoy your content smoothly on that device.

Pricing plans descriptions length

We noticed some apps were rejected because the pricing plan description was too long. We're updating the limit from 80 to 45 characters to avoid that. In the meantime, try to keep your pricing plan description short 🙏.

October 2023

Optimized video loading

Previously, some apps crashed when opened due to large video files taking up too much device memory. After a busy few weeks, we've switched to smaller transcoded video files. So the videos should load better now. And your app shouldn't crash.

Better video length calculation

Video lengths are now calculated during upload and stored for later use, rather than when your clients press play. This also means your videos should load better now.

YouTube video integration update

    Embedded YouTube videos used to play 'hide and seek,' cutting off on desktop. YouTube changed their URL format, and we had to catch up. But don't worry, now YouTube videos play smoothly. It's all part of the tech circle of life.

    YouTube and Vimeo videos unleashed

      Surprisingly, YouTube and Vimeo videos embedded in lessons were only playing in full-screen mode 🤔. We fixed that, and now you can play them within your lessons.

      Responsive video orientation

        When you flipped your device, some of the videos acted up. We've had a little chat with them, and now they play nicely, adapting to your device's orientation in fullscreen.

        Widget clarity

        Ever had your image, video, and file widgets play dress-up as buttons? It was a bit of a mix-up, but we've set things straight. Now you won't see them imitating buttons anymore 😂

        September 2023

        Password reset

        When trying to reset their password, your clients received a link 🔗 that redirected to your web app. That was…not ideal. It’s fixed now, and the link redirects to your native apps so they can change their passwords.

        Clearer tiles for light backgrounds

        PassionFighters using a light background color might have noticed a weird issue with white text on their Netflix-style content libraries. Now those tiles are looking better than ever 🙌.

        Cloned lessons update

        You never knew where cloned lessons were going to appear. It was like playing "Where's Waldo?", but without the fun 🙄. We reviewed the logic, and now you will find them after the original ones. On top of that, we got rid of the <Copy of> label that was bothering you.

        Consistent hero images

        Previously, hero images appeared differently on different devices and always had a dark gradient over them. We have now made sure that they look great on all devices 💁. If the image has no text, the gradient will no longer appear.

        Carousel images in full view

        The images and text shown in the Sales Page carousel were cut off 👀. Not a great first impression, right? It's all good now though.

        Sharp thumbnails

        Some images uploaded as thumbnails were looking kind of blurry 🌪️. Well, the blurriness is now history. If you re-upload them, they should look crystal clear.

        Netflix-Style content library labels

          Your section label name 📛 in your Netflix-style content library was not appearing. At all. Our bad, we should have let you know that we did that to keep your layout clean. We have now removed the label to avoid any confusion.

          Improved navigation

          Previously, moving from the Sales Page to another tab might have taken forever ⌛. We have fixed that, so now you can navigate your tabs without being stuck in limbo.