🏡 Welcome to the new Home: your app's launchpad

Get clear, step-by-step instructions and get your app live in no time.

Posted on - April 11, 2024 (FB) Post 1 - A new Passion.io is coming

There's a true Home in Passion.io. It merges the old Dashboard and Get Started sections to make achieving your goals faster 😉

If you're still working on getting your app out there, don't worry. Home has got you covered with a step-by-step guide to help you launch it in no time. Remember, your app doesn't have to be flawless right out of the gate. It's all about getting that first version out and making improvements along the way.

In Home, we've made sure to lay out everything in a super clear way, with estimated timeframes and handy shortcuts to keep you on track.

Already have an app live? Awesome! You'll now have a clear view of how it's doing and easy access to any updates you might need. Plus, we're working on making this view even better to help you smash your goals like never before. Stay tuned!

Oh, and we've thrown in some top banners showcasing top-notch app examples to get your creative juices flowing.