How do I manage my users?

Use the In-App Admin View to see all your users, organize them, and download the list. Plus, you can add new users right from your app.


You can manage your users on the platforms below:

  • Your Apple or Google App.
  • App 
  • Your Web App

You must be logged in with your Account to use the In-App Admin View 


1. Access and view your users list

2. Download your user list

3. Add a new user

4. Reset the password for a user

5. Delete a user

1. Access and view your users list

  • From Inside your App, click on the In-App Admin View Icon. 
  • Click on Users.

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  • You can search for any user from this screen.

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  • You can sort your users with:
    • Date joined.
    • Number of plans.
  • You can filter your users based on their plan or payment method. 
    • Managed by PassionMetrics: Purchased through a third-party checkout, via phone sales, or through an access link
    • iOS/Android: Purchased through the app stores.
    • Stripe: Purchased through PassionPayments through Stripe. (How to activate PassionPayments)
      For cancelations/refunds, you will need to do this step via your own Stripe account. Here's an external resource: How to pause or cancel subscriptions
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  • You can’t manage subscriptions for iOS or Android subscribers, so canceling recurring payments must be done through the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • When users sign up with Apple, they can show their email. If they mark it as "Hide," an auto-generated email address is displayed.
  • Apple and Google only allow prices ending in .49 or .99. For example, if your pricing plan is $35, your iOS/Android subscription is $34.99. 


2. Download your user list

  • Tap the download icon after you filter your users from the users' list. 
  • The downloaded file will include only the filtered users.

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3. Add a new user

  • Go to the + sign at the top right corner.

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  • Enter their first, last name, and e-mail.
  • Select the Pricing Plans you'd like to give them access to.
  • Click on Add user.

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4. Password reset for a user

  • Go to any user card.
  • Go to the three dots on any user card. 
  • Tap on Reset password.

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  • Confirm resetting the password by tapping Reset password.
  • Now the password is copied to your clipboard, paste it and send it to your user.

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Don't worry if you press on reset password multiple times; the one you paste will be the last one you copied. 

Please ensure you don't reset the password again after sending what you copied to your client. 


5. Delete a user

  • Tap on any user card.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right corner.

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  • Tap on Delete user account.
  • Confirm removing by tapping Remove.

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