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When Do I Report a Bug?

Reporting bugs allows us to improve our products and features. It will also help us with future enhancements and the product roadmap. In this article, you will learn how and when to report bugs. 


1. Before reporting a Bug (for Web App)

2. Before reporting a Bug (for branded App)

3. How to report a Bug

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Before reporting a Bug (for Web App)

Here are some things you need to check before reporting a bug. These checks will allow our engineers to find the solution faster and get directly to the root cause of the issue.

1. Check that your phone and/or computer are updated to the latest version of the software available. An outdated device can cause issues.

Instructions for:

2. Check the web app in different browsers. The specific browser you are using could have a bug or an outage. To ensure it is not a browser issue try opening your web app in different browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

3. If the issue is with an integration platform (e.g. Typeform, Stripe, etc) Check if they are working properly on their own. If the issue is with the platform and not Passion, we won't be able to troubleshoot. You can check their Help Center:

4. For video issues, you can check these articles:



2. Before reporting a Bug (for Apps)

1. Check your app version (this gets updated now and then) Here are the instructions to check what version of the app you have installed on your phone:

  • iOS
    1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
    2. Select General > iPhone Storage.
    3. Wait a moment, and the screen will populate with storage stats for each of your installed apps.
    4. Tap the app for which you want to see the version number.
    5. You will see the version below the app name. 
  • Android 
    1. Go to device settings.
    2. Tap Apps or Application Manager
    3. You will get a list showing all the apps installed on your device. Tap the app with the version number you are looking for. You will be taken to the App Info page. The version number is below the App name when you are on the App Info page. 

2. If the version of your app still needs to be updated, check for updates pending. Here is how:

3. If no update is pending but your app version is not in the latest version, you will need to publish an update for your app. Here is how:


3. How to report a Bug

If you tried the steps above and the issue is not fixed, please fill out this form so we can investigate further. 

Here is what to include in your request:

  • Platform: Apple / Google / Web app / Passion.io
  • Product Title: in case you are experiencing issues with a specific pricing option, and you have more than one pricing created (with the multipricing widget on), please let us know which pricing plan is unsuccessful
  • Lesson/Sequence: if a specific lesson is involved, please let us know what Week / Day / particular details so we can spot it
  • Device/Browser: iPhone/Android phone/computer model… as specific as possible
  • Who is experiencing the issues: you or your clients


4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there a way for my clients to report a bug directly from the app?

Yes, if they shake their device, a bug report page will pop out, or they can go to their Profile > Support > Report a Technical Problem. They need to add their name and the issue they are experiencing and press 'Submit Bug Report'. Our team will check and contact you if anything needs to be done from your side.