How to add your web app to your phone screen?

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for Apple and Google to review and approve your app. Meanwhile, you can engage your clients with your Web App, offering an experience similar to an app.


1. Advantages of launching a Web App

2. Setting up your Web App ( Platform)

3. Setting up your Web App (In-App Admin View)

4. Saving a Web App to your phone's home screen

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Advantages of launching a Web App

  • Instant App Launch
    • Your Web App becomes available when you create your URL (app on your account.
  • No review process
    • Changes you make will automatically appear on your Web App without going through a review process. This includes changes in the content or the app layout.
  • Save on the 15-30% app sales commission (Apple/Google store sales)
    • You can sell through the Web App via Passion Payments or your checkout URL. This saves you the 15-30% app sales commission for Apple and Google's in-app purchases.

  • It looks exactly like a branded app on any mobile device
    • Your clients can easily place your brand's Web App icon on their home screen in 10 seconds, without downloading. It looks just like a mobile app icon. 


2. Setting up your Web App 

  • From your Admin View, go to My App, then Settings.  


  • Put your app name in the Web app URL field.
  • Save. 
  • Open your Web App so you can share it with your clients. 

settings (3)  

4. Saving a Web App to your phone's home screen

You can share these steps with your clients so they can easily access your app on their phones.


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5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Would Apple/Google still take 15-30% app sales commission if I sell my products through the Web App?

No. The 15-30% app sales commission only applies to sales made through the branded app.


  • How can I sell my products through the Web App?

A. You can sell through PassionPayments

B. You can also sell through your checkout URL. Learn here how to connect your external checkout to 


  • How do I add a link to download my native app in my marketing materials?

Use a link generator like, this can also generate QR codes for your apps.