How can I use the My App Section?

My App Section gives you complete control over your App from Going Live to setting up its language.


You can access My App on the platforms below:

  • Your Apple or Google App.
  • App 
  • Your Web App


You must be logged in with your Account to use the In-App Admin View.


1. What does My App contain?

  • Publish your App: access the App Submission Process for Apple and Google and Go Live with your App.
  • First Impressions: Set up your Welcome Screen, "App Login Page," and Sales Page, where you will advertise your Courses and Pricing Plans. 
  • Navigation: enable/disable your App tabs and edit their icons and titles.
  • Style: update your App's pallet to match your brand colors. 
  • Settings: From here, you can control your App Name, Web App URL, App Language, and many other settings.

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