An overview of the new platform: Your Complete Guide


In April 2024, made significant changes to support app creators in building, managing, and growing their businesses. 

We understood the challenges of the old platform and improved it to enhance your experience. Plus, we've made it easier for you to work on your app from anywhere, not just your computer.

Your feedback has been crucial in these updates, and we've added the features you requested, like password resets and the option to collect user names during sign-up. 

This update is just the beginning of our commitment to making the platform work better for you. Let's explore what's new, how to use it, and answer common questions.

Accessing Platform

To access the Admin View, log into your account from your App, Web App, or App.

  • Go to the Admin View icon on the left side of the screen. 

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  • You can go back by tapping the exit button. 

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The new platform is rolling out gradually. If you don’t see it yet, you will soon!

What's New?

When you open, you'll notice updates. All tools for building and managing your app—sections, help links and tools—are now easily accessible. The interface is consistent across computers, the mobile app, and your app.

  • User and Data Management: Streamlined tools for user registration, account adjustments, data analysis, and subscriber insights simplify overall management.
  • App Customization and Support: Customizable app features enhance visibility and user experience, while improved support mechanisms provide quick access to assistance and billing information.
  • Content, Subscription, and Community Engagement: Flexible content deployment, transparent pricing management, and adequate notification controls improve engagement and multitasking capabilities.
  • Accessibility and Efficiency: Enhanced mobile access and efficiency features allow seamless management anytime, anywhere.

Learn about all the new features in detail

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why the change?

A: We've listened to your feedback to improve Our goal was to create an app experience so simple that everyone, even those not tech-savvy, can use it easily. The new platform adds new features, improves mobile access, and keeps everything running smoothly so you can focus on scaling your business.

Q: Can I switch back to the old experience?
A: We intend to bring all users the best experience possible. As part of this rollout, the old experience is being decommissioned.

Q: Can I do everything on my phone?

A: Almost everything! You’ll need a computer to submit and update your app on the app stores, edit your welcome screen and sales page, set up Zapier, add tracking codes, and manage your custom notifications (push notifications)

Q: I’m not seeing the theme templates. Where are they?

A: The old theme templates are replaced with the new styling mode under My App > Style. We created new templates to help your apps comply better with accessibility requirements. You can still edit your theme colors individually if you click on “More” in styling mode. 

Q:  Are there any changes for new users during the signup process?

A: Yes! With the "User Information" setting enabled, you'll get new users' first and last names, making it easier to identify and connect. Say goodbye to anonymous members!

Q: Where did PassionMessaging go?

A: It's still here! You can create push notifications for your apps after they go live. Just go to More > Custom notifications.

Q: Can I edit details for users who signed up through Apple/Google?

A: If you add the user manually, you can edit their details. However, if they signed up on their own, like through an ad, only they can change their information. For privacy reasons, we can't alter their details. But you can still reset passwords or delete accounts.

Q: If I delete a user, will they lose all access?

A: Yes, deleting a user removes their access completely.

Q: Can I delete a user who pays through Apple/Google Pay?

A: Yes, if they don't have any active subscriptions.

Q: Has anything changed with one-time payment access?

A: No, deleting a user removes all payment info, as usual.

Q: Can I still access the PassionMetrics I'm used to?

A: No, PassionMetrics changed to “Users.” We plan to make some updates here in the future to better understand your users’ information. You can still get your data by exporting a .csv file.

Q: What's coming next for “Users”?

A: We're adding new features like filtering by pricing plans and easier data downloads.

Q: Has the character limit for pricing descriptions changed?

A: Yes, it's now 45 characters to keep things simple. Older plans are not affected.

Q: How do new users set their passwords?

A: They'll get an email to create their password.

Q: What are the Notification Preferences?

A: They're to send you feature updates, tips, and reminders to help you stay on track with your goals.

Q: Where can I find Custom Privacy settings?

A: Look for the privacy policy link on the Sales Page and under Profile > Support.