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An exhaustive list of everything you can do with Passion.io

Getting around your app 

You can build your app from your computer 🖥️ and phone📱with the Passion.io app. Once your app is live on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you can also use your own app 📲 to make any necessary changes.

App View

Create and edit your products and content, communities, tracking goals and more. You can switch from App View to Admin View anytime.

Admin View

Manage your account, app settings, app style, navigation, user details, pricing plans, and more. You can switch from Admin View to App View anytime.


Building your app

Here's a list of things you can build and edit from App View:


Your Discover or Sales page is like a storefront for your offers and products. Use the App View to see how it appears to your users. To tweak its content, head to Admin View: First impressions.

You can currently edit the Sales page only from your computer.


Upload audio, video, images, courses, content and files to build interactive learning experiences—without touching a line of code. You can also pick course templates from our library.


Create shared spaces for your users to connect with you and with each other.


You can set goals and allow users to track their progress, reflect on their journey, or stay accountable through friendly competition.


Your users will be able to manage their account settings and notification preferences. They can also view their favorite content, notifications and activity history here. From here both you and your users can log out if needed.

How to use the My App Section

Managing your app

From Admin View:

Publishing your app

Apple App Store

Reach your users on the Apple App Store by publishing your own iOS app. You’ll need to get an Apple Developer Account first.

Google Play Store

Get your app out for Android users through the Google Play Store. You’ll also need to get a Google Play Developer Account first.

You can currently launch your iOS and Android app only from your computer.


Creating a great first impression

Welcome screen

Say hello to your users with a customizable welcome screen. Upload an image or video and quotes to make a lasting impact.

Set Up Your Welcome Screen

Sales page

Tell your app's story, showcase your offers, and build trust with social proof on a dedicated page. In-App View, you can see how your Sales page appears to your users.

You can set up your Welcome Screen and Sales Page on your computer only.

Set Up Your Sales Page

Defining your app navigation

Your app is made of different pages or tabs. You can tailor the content, page names, and icons to your niche and audience.

Edit your App Tabs


Choose & customize your app’s colors.

Change App Colors

App settings

App name

You can change your app name at any time. To secure it, make sure to launch your app on Apple and Google stores.

Web app URL

This is the link to your app's web version—just copy and share it with your users so they can access it from their browsers.


Add your brand logo. This will be used as your iOS & Android app icons when you submit your app to the app stores. You can always change this during the app submission process.

Background image

Add an image to your loading screen.

Feedback email address

Let your users reach out to you easily by including your preferred email.

User information

Ask for your users’ first and last names during sign up.

Passion.io branding

Passion.io branding appears on the footer of your Web app homepage, and in the settings area of your app. You can disable this feature if you have the Ultimate plan or higher.

App language

Set your app in English, Spanish or French and speak to users in their own language.


Connect your Stripe & Zapier accounts to take payments with fewer fees and automate tasks.

You can currently set this up only from your computer.

Tracking & analysis

Paste your code from tracking apps to analyze your app on web.

You can currently set up your tracking & analysis only from your computer.

Passion.io app pop-up

For testing purposes, you can guide users to preview your app within the Passion.io app (if you haven’t published it on Apple and Google stores yet).

Cookie consent pop-up

Only applicable to EU members if you want your users to access your App through a web browser.

Customer receipts

Automatically send receipts to your users.

Custom Privacy Policy

You can add your own Privacy Policy, or you can stick with the default one.


Managing your users

User management

See who's signing up, and easily filter and sort based on join dates and active plans. Plus, you can reset passwords and delete accounts.

Import and export users

Manually add users to your app, or download your Passion.io user list to get a better understanding of your audience.

User access

Easily grant or revoke access based on pricing plans.


Creating your pricing plans


Bundle features and content into subscription plans to generate recurring revenue. Choose from 6 currencies with flexible payment fees (15%, 3.9%, or 0%).

One-time offers

Unlock high-ticket sales. Choose from 6 currencies with flexible payment fees (15%, 3.9%, or 0%).




Turn users into paying customers via a straightforward Stripe integration. 6 supported currencies with 3.9% payment fees.

Currently, you can only set up your Stripe integration from your computer.


Thanks to Zapier, Passion.io easily integrates directly with over 6,000 apps and services to trigger automations. Note that the free Zapier plan only allows 5 automations.

Currently, you can only set up your Zapier integration from your computer.


Make booking paid calls or in-person sessions easy for you and your users. Embed your Calendly directly inside your app.


Host and monetize virtual events through your app by sharing your YouTube Live.


Share media-rich experiences.


Understand users with onboarding quizzes and test their knowledge with worksheets with our Typeform integration.


Crafting automated messages

Keep your users engaged by sending targeted push notifications once your app is live.

You can only set up custom notifications integration from your computer.



Community support

Take advantage of end-to-end support through email, chat, and group coaching from an experienced support team that's launched thousands of profitable apps.

PassionFighters community

Our community inside the Passion Academy app. Join 11,000 PassionFighters, find answers to thousands of questions, and be the first to know what’s new. We also have a PassionFighters Facebook group.

Passion Plus

Get white glove service with a dedicated success manager to assist you as you build your app, migrate content, submit to app stores, and more.



Passion Academy

Access on-demand courses, templates, workshops, events, and a network of experts in our own Passion Academy app (built with Passion.io). Check it out.

Community events

Join insightful webinars led by PassionFighters, for PassionFighters - hosted by Passion.io. Subscribe here.

"Million Dollar Creator" Podcast

Learn how to become a million dollar creator yourself. Hosted by Matt Bellmann, co-founder and CEO of Passion.io.

Who is it for?


Like Personal Trainers, Business Coaches, Nutritionists, Therapists. Turn your services into digital products and interactive courses to trade less time for money.


E-commerce, SaaS, Media Companies. Build a brand community hub and mobile resource library to boost customer success and loyalty.


Like Influencers, YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Podcasters. Create a VIP club for your biggest fans, take them behind the scenes, and offer exclusive content.


Like Teachers, Thought Leaders, Bootcamps, Authors, Courses. Bring your courses and learning community into a mobile experience that unlocks recurring revenue.